Countdown: Race Rules

The Countdown is a tough event. We’ve kept the rules as simple as possible.

  1. It is only open to solo competitors.
  2. Each competitor must complete one lap (and only one lap) per hour.
  3. The maximum running time for each lap decreases by 1 minute each hour (from 59 minutes to 36 minutes).
  4. The minimum resting time each lap increases by 1 minute each hour (from 2 minutes to 24 minutes).
  5. Competitors must complete each lap by the o’clock, judged from the timing clocks – one second past and you are not allowed to continue. The Race Directors’ decision is final.
  6. The only compulsory kit is a head torch,which must be used on all laps starting between 7pm and 6am and a mobile phone. In the interests of the environment no cups will be provided during the run so please bring a reusable one with you. Additional advisory kit will follow with race briefing notes.
  7. Marshals instructions and Terms and Conditions of the race must be followed at all times.
  8. Race Directors reserve the right to remove you from the race if they deem it necessary due to medical advice.
  9. If you time out of the Countdown, you may continue to run non-competitively at entirely your own pace, for the remainder of the 24 hours.