Challenge: Race Rules

We’ve kept the rules for the Challenge as simple as possible; we want you to relish in the Challenge and enjoy yourselves!

  1. Entries are for either teams of either 2, 4 or 6.
  2. Only one person from each team may be on the course at any time.
  3. Each member of a team needs to run at least one lap, but all remaining laps can be completed at the discretion of the team members – an even distribution is not required.
  4. Essential kit has been kept to a minimum – each person starting a lap between 7pm and 6am must carry a sufficiently powerful head torch (150 lumens). For safety each runner needs to carry a mobile phone with the Race Directors numbers stored. In the interest of the environment we are also asking each runner to bring their own cup, for use at the start and finish area. To reduce waste, no disposable cups will be provided at the event. Other recommended kit will be sent out in additional race information.
  5. Marshals’ instructions and Terms and Conditions of the race must be followed at all times.

Apart from that each team completes as many laps as possible before 12 noon on Sunday 6th September. Any laps that are started but not completed before the 12 noon deadline will not be counted towards the team’s total.