Covid-19 Information

Unfortunately, this event has now been cancelled for September 2020.


Wimpole 24 Covid-19 plan

The staging of Wimpole 24 this year will be entirely down to government guidelines and National Trust policy at the time, however, as things currently stand there is a glimmer of hope that the event may be able to go ahead. This is particularly aided by the fact that we operate from a field, so can ensure a completely ‘outside event’ with relative ease. It is also aided by the fact that we are a small event and our field size will be limited to a maximum of 250 participants this year.

If we need to cancel

In the event that we cannot go ahead our usual cancellation policy would not apply.  We would work with all entrants to either offer them an alternative date, postpone to next year or to offer a substantial refund.

However, even if the event does run, the following guidelines will be in place to protect all of us, both participants and volunteers alike. We thought it best to communicate these to you in good time.

All participants

  • Anyone showing any signs or symptoms of Covid 19 are asked to self-isolate in line with government advice and not to attend the event at all. A list of symptoms can be found here.



  • All events such as these are dependent on volunteers. We will try to run the event with as few volunteers as possible, to minimise risk but to ensure we can run a safe event. This does mean all participants need to plan on being as self-sufficient as possible.
  • If necessary, all volunteers will be provided with appropriate equipment to keep them safe.
  • All surfaces / equipment will be sanitised on a regular basis and kept as clean as possible.
  • If we cannot find enough volunteers to support the event, we will need to cancel. If you know of anyone who may be keen to help, please do ask them to make contact with us.


  • Unfortunately camping will be for those who are participating and volunteering only. Due to covid we are unableto provide camping facilities for any additional family members or spectators. If this causes an issue for you please do contact the Race Directors ( or to discuss things further.
  • Participants will be asked to camp with social distancing in mind so each tent / unit will be asked to be at least 6m apart and to camp next to their team members.
  • Hand sanitiser and mains water by hosepipe will be available in the camping area.
  • Portaloos will be available. Hand sanitiser will be available both outside and inside the cubicles and people are asked to use it both before and after using the facilities.  2m should always be maintained in any queues.
  • Participants are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser with them to use before and after consuming any food.


  • At registration social distancing will be in operation at all times.
  • Registration will be open for longer so that people can register and avoiding queueing.
  • We will operate using a 2m gap at all times. Once you arrive at registration, details will be checked and then race numbers, chips and t-shirts will placed at a distance where you will be able to collect them from.
  • No kit will be checked at registration.
  • Temperatures will be checked – this will be done at a 2m distance using a laser digital thermometer and anyone who’s temperature is above 37.8 degrees C will unfortunately not be allowed to run and will be asked to leave the event immediately. Your co-operation in this is very much appreciated.

 Additional necessary kit

  • Our usual necessary items are a powerful headtorch and a mobile phone. Other items are usually advisory.
  • Due to Covid-19 solo competitors need: a dry bag with taped seams, a bivvy bag / emergency shelter, waterproof top and bottoms (with taped seams), a warm layer to wear between laps. You must have enough kit to be able to be safe and warm outside for 24 hours – including rest areas which may now need to be taken outside (not in a tent.)
  • All competitors must bring hand sanitiser with them – lots will be provided, but we do ask all competitors to have their own personal supply to use too.

 Race Briefing

  • This will happen outdoors, come rain or shine with a large PA system and 2m distance between participants. We are based in a large field with plenty of space to achieve this.  Please help us by being as quiet as possible during the briefing.

Team Participants

  • All participants are asked to keep a 2m gap at all times. Throughout the vast majority of the course, this is very easily done by simply passing quickly and efficiency to the side.
  • Please do shout ahead to any runner that you are overtaking so that they know you are there. If you are being over-taken please allow necessary space for that to happen easily.
  • If you do meet another runner at a gate or other pinch point on the course, please be patient, follow the 2m guide and then overtake when possible.
  • You should be self-sufficient on the course.

Solo Participants

  • We are unlikely to be able to offer one large marquee for you to be able to practice social distancing in, but we are still working on this as an option.
  • You are now required to bring a fully waterproof bag (with taped seams) to the event with you as well as suitable waterproof clothing to enable you to be safe and warm during time spent at the start / finish area during the event.  You need to be equipped to be able spend 24 hours either running or resting outdoors at a 2m distance from anyone else. We would recommend using emergency shelters or bivvy bags (not blankets) in rest periods. Dry Robes are also excellent for use between laps.
  • You are responsible for your own nutrition throughout the event.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the start / finish area at all times but we would ask solo participants to also provide their own which we would ask you to use before and after consuming any food.

Team Timing

  • The team event will have a starting window between 12:00 and 12:10 on Saturday. If at the end of the event there is a discrepancy as to whether a lap has been completed in time or not, the chip time of the first tag will be looked at and those minutes added – therefore all laps would have to finish by Sunday 12:10 at the latest to count towards the teams total. With limited numbers and 24 hours, it should be possible to maintain 2m at all other times.

Solo Timing

  • Our solo runners are fewer in number, so we should be able to get you all off and underway in less than 30 seconds whilst still maintaining 2m between each participant at the start of the event when there is very limited time pressure. Once we get to the exciting end of the race, we are expecting to only have a handful left, in which case you should all be able to start at the same time, or within 5 seconds of each other. If anyone was timed out by 5 seconds the Race Directors decision would be final.


  • We will still have our mobile vans providing food but again social distancing will be in place and we ask all participants to queue responsibly and use hand sanitiser before consuming anything.

 Finish / Medals

  • At the finish, chips need to be removed and dropped into an appropriate container, at which point they cannot be picked up again by the wearer.
  • Medals will then be able to be collected from a designated point, but unfortunately will not be able to be given out individually (my favourite part as an RD!)
  • We would ask people to leave the site as soon as practicable following the event.


  • This will be held in the open air, with a good PA system! All participants can be in household groups, 2m apart. Winners will pick up their trophies from an appropriate distance. Staff giving them out will be wearing gloves.